A responsive website example based on 2+1 columns.


What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites, or websites using responsive web design (RWD), automatically adjust their content to best fit different screen sizes and orientations. When you have a website with a responsive web design, it will change its layout to fit the dimensions of the window making it look good on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, not just the desktop.

Google recommends responsive Web design (RWD) as you can read in section 3 of the Google article below:

It is predicted that mobile devices will soon overtake desktop PCs as the dominant global platform. The other advantages of responsive web design are that it saves money, it saves time, it improves SEO, improves performance and enjoys wider browser support.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a web page in a search engine's natural (unpaid) search results page i.e. it is the action to improve your web page position ranking. The goal of SEO is to show up in search engine's first result page.

What is a search engine friendly website?

A search engine friendly website is a website designed and programmed following the rules set out by the search engines. All Quantum websites are coded to do well in search engines and are therefore search-engine friendly.

What is HTML5 compliant?

HTML5 is a webpage markup language and a core technology of the Internet. It is standardised by the Worldwideweb Consortium (Standards organisation). All Quantum websites are 100% HTML5 compliant which means that you can be very confident that your website will work on all devices, regardless of type or size.

Websites can utilize HTML5 to organise website content more meaningfully. This helps search engines better understand your content and is a step towards the so-called web 3.0. The W3C consortium provides an online validator that allows you to check your websites HTML5 conformance. You will find it here: http://validator.w3.org

What does Hosting mean?

Your website runs on a computer inside a remote data center. This computer needs to run 24 hours a day, every day of the year waiting to respond to visitors to your website. This computer is called a server, or more specifically the host server. Our Hosting Package includes the provision and management of the host server and ensures that it is always available, connected to the internet, and free of software viruses.

What is Double Density?

Double pixel density images give a higher pixel density (also known as Retina Display). It is possible to convert a device's display to Retina by doubling the number of pixels in each direction. This increase creates a sharper interface at the same physical dimensions.

The visitor will not always see the difference between double and single density images. Only visitors with medium to high-end phones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy III onwards, iPhone 4 onwards, most new Sony phones), and well as newer iPads and high-end notebooks (eg Apple Mac Air) will see the crystal clear double density images.

Normally, Quantum Websites select only certain images to be displayed in double density as each image is four times larger, and therefore slower, to load. Typically we always deliver the company logo and website icons in double density. Hence selected double density.

Further technical details can be found on the Wikipedia page